Case Report

The Effect of a Rehabilitation Program with Benserazide+Levodopa Treatment on Orthostatic Tremor: Case Report


  • Yeşim Özge Gündüz
  • Damla Cengiz
  • Sadık Yiğit Yıldız
  • Ece Ünlü

Received Date: 10.03.2021 Accepted Date: 16.07.2021 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2021;74(3):358-360

Orthostatic tremor (OT) is a movement disorder that occurs during standing and disappears with walking or sitting. This article presented the results of a rehabilitation program with levodopa+benserazide treatment in an OT patient. An 82-year-old male patient was admitted to our clinic because of immobilization accompanied by tremor in his right leg while standing for the last two months, resulting in continued walking or sitting, and fear of falling. Upon the recommendation of the neurology clinic, 300 mg of levodopa+ 75 mg benserazide/day treatment was initiated with the diagnosis of OT, and the patient was included in the rehabilitation program in our clinic. This patient, who had difficulty in standing with the support of two people due to intense tremor at the beginning of his hospitalization, was discharged under supervision with a rotator for forty meters after a four-week rehabilitation program. As a result, rehabilitation programs applied together with medical treatment in OT treatment are very important to increase the quality of life and functionality of patients.

Keywords: Orthostatic Tremor, Rehabilitaton, Levodopa, Benserazide

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