Research Article

Phlebitis Related To Peripheric Intravenous Catheter: A Point Prevalence Study


  • Deniz Öztürk
  • Banu Cihan Erdoğan
  • Nevin Doğan
  • Kadriye Kızıltepe
  • Zehra Göçmen Baykara

Received Date: 24.11.2020 Accepted Date: 07.07.2021 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2021;74(3):310-315


Phlebitis is the most common complication in patients undergoing peripheral intravenous catheters (PIC). This study was conducted as an observational, one-day and point prevalence study for the purpose of determining the prevalence of PIC-related phlebitis.

Materials and Methods:

The study was carried out with patients on PIC (n=402) in a training and research hospital. Before starting the study, official permission and ethics committee approval were obtained from relevant institutions. The data in the study were collected via the “PIC-Related Phlebitis Data Collection Form” and the “Phlebitis scale”. In the analysis of data, relevant statistical methods were used. After determining the number of beds in the hospital clinics (n=756), nurse teams consisting of two individuals (one observer, one implementer) were created for each clinic. Nurses in the working team were given PIC-Related Phlebitis Training and trained on how to complete forms and the forms were distributed to each patient. Meanwhile, nurses began to collect data. In the data collection process, nurses were provided with counseling on the phone and in clinics.


In the study, 69.1% of the patients were hospitalized in internal diseases and surgical clinics and they received antibiotics treatment via PIC. 75.1% had PIC less than 96 hours and it was determined that PIC was mainly applied on the right side of the body and mostly over the forearm and hand. In addition, it was found that the prevalence of phlebitis was 3.98% and 3.98% of patients had developed 1st degree phlebitis.


The fact that phlebitis rates were in parallel with the literature and phlebitis cases identified were merely in the first stage is remarkable. In order to prevent phlebitis development and to diagnose phlebitis in early period, it is recommended to evaluate the area of PIC in terms of phlebitis regularly.

Keywords: Peripheral Intravenous Catheter, Phlebitis, Point Prevalence

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