Research Article

Evaluations on the Family Home Visit Programme of 3rd Grade Students’ in Ankara University School of Medicine


  • Halit Emin Alıcılar
  • Meltem Çöl
  • Mine Esin Ocaktan
  • Deniz Çalışkan

Received Date: 12.03.2020 Accepted Date: 11.12.2020 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2021;74(2):226-232


It is aimed to evaluate opinions of students on Family Home Visit Programme which was conducted within the scope of Community-Based Medicine Field Practice and to contribute to development of education program in the light of findings.

Materials and Methods:

The universe of this descriptive study included 3rd grade students of Ankara University School of Medicine in 2018-2019 academic year. Two hundred forty-five students who filled feedback form were included in the study. The form consisted of 36 questions, overall satisfaction score, 1 open-ended question to get opinions. Questions were scored between 1 (strongly disagree) and 5 (strongly agree). 4-5 points were evaluated as positive and 1-3 points as needed to be developed. Mean, standard deviation, and percentages were calculated with SPSS 15.0 program.


Questions’ mean score was 4.17±0.96. Overall satisfaction score was 78.4±16.2. 78.4% of students answered all questions positively. The rate was 82.7% for questions about “presentation, 80.0% for “working with professors” questions, 75.5% for “working with family”, 58.8% for subject of “evaluation”, and 77.6%. for “learning outcomes”. Most positively answers were about determining student representative, observing the family for health, introducing learning objectives, obtaining new information. Least positive answers were about study’s contribution to grade, suitability of schedule, and organization of meetings with family. Most common answers to open-ended question, which was answered by 163 students, were about beneficialness of study (28.8%), improving physician skills (16.6%) and communication skills (12.3%), importance of preventive medicine (6,7%) and course load (20,8%), low grade contribution (17,1%).


Positive feedbacks were given on subjects such as observing family for health, getting to know family as a whole with their environment, developing communication and medical skills, and understanding importance of preventive medicine. Issues of study’s contribution to grade and allocating time in schedule should be improved. Taking into account achievements of Family Home Visit Programme, which sets an example in terms of a community-based medical approach, it is recommended to be included in curricula.

Keywords: Community-based Medical Education, Student Feedback, Family Home Visit Programme

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