Case Report

Drug-Drug Interaction Management in Hepatitis C Treatment


  • İrem Akdemir Kalkan
  • Güle Çınar
  • Mustafa Kemal Çelen
  • K. Osman Memikoğlu

Received Date: 26.03.2018 Accepted Date: 25.07.2018 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2018;71(2):174-176

“Direct acting antivirals” cure over 99% in the course of the disease as a recent breakthrough treatment method in hepatitis C treatment. Possible drug-drug interactions should not be overlooked. In this case report we aimed to share how we managed the interaction in a patient who was planned to use sofosbuvir-ledipasvir. The use of direct antiviral drugs is a very important point in Hepatitis C treatment. A good patient history and a multidisciplinary approach are necessary for the interaction of drugs. These are necessary for successful and safe treatment of hepatitis C.

Keywords: Antiviral Treatment, Hepatitis C, Drug-drug Interactions

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