Case Report

A Rare Condition in Children: Tooth Aspiration


  • Gizem Özcan
  • Anar Gurbanov
  • Gülnur Göllü
  • Özlem Selvi Can
  • Nazan Çobanoğlu

Received Date: 13.11.2019 Accepted Date: 19.12.2019 J Ankara Univ Fac Med 2020;73(1):83-85

Foreign body aspiration can occur in children and adults and can be asymptomatic or cause serious respiratory complications and even death. Tooth aspiration can occur frequently in the elderly, in patients with motor-mental retardation and in patients with neurological diseases; it has a low ratio between all foreign body aspirations. A 10-year-old male patient presented with fever, wet cough and wheezing six weeks before his admission. He had chronic cough although he was treated with oral antibiotherapy, inhaled corticosteroids and salbutamol. The patient’s history and family history were unremarkable. On physical examination, his general condition was good, heart rate: 96/min, respiratory rate: 16/min, oxygen saturation measured by pulse oximeter was 100%, and respiratory system examination revealed rhonchi in all areas of the left hemithorax. Chest X-ray revealed a 1x0.5 cm radiopaque area in the left hilus region. During the flexible bronchoscopy, foreign body covered with thick mucous secretion was observed at the entrance of the left lower lobe bronchus. Subsequently, the foreign body extracted with rigid bronchoscope was found to be a molar tooth. After the procedure, his family was interviewed again and it was learned that the patient had two teeth extractions with local anesthesia two weeks before the onset of the cough. It was learned that there was sudden coughing after retching, one of the teeth was delivered to the family and the other tooth was not given to the family. After bronchoscopy, he was followed up with appropriate oral antibiotherapy and his symptoms disappeared completely. Tooth aspiration is not common among foreign body aspirations in healthy children therefore this case report is presented.

Keywords: Foreign Body Aspiration, Children, Tooth

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